What can we do?

While the task seems daunting, you may be doing more than you realize to help support local food producers already.  Local items such as potatoes, carrots, dairy, and honey are offered year round in our grocery stores.  Locally produced meat, eggs, and fish are also easily sourced through butcher and fish shops, and Farmer’s Markets.  In season produce is found at our many markets that operate through the late summer and fall.  More information on availability of products and market locations can be found at peiflavours.ca.

Many fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed year-round through preserving, using methods such as blanching and freezing, canning, and drying.  Information on preservation methods and recipes are available on many websites and at many of the markets found on PEI.  Be sure to inquire at the time of purchase.

Fruit and berry picking at many u-picks, and helping organic farmers with their annual harvest are great ways to encourage the whole family to participate in Island food production.  Exercising your green thumb and growing your own food will bring you even closer to your food and provide insight into the risks and challenges (and rewards!) of food production.

Investing directly in our farms is possible through Community Supported Agriculture, purchasing part of or a whole animalWithin the next year we hope to offer you a list of CSA farmers so that you can connect with them directly.  Feel free to contact us, and we will try to put you on a path to finding a CSA farmer.

If you have an interest in becoming part of a food lobby, please feel free to ask questions and start a discussion with us either at the next MEAL or by e-mail at meeteatandlearn@gmail.com.


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